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Looking for a high quality foaming soap pump that lasts? Try M.E. Mother Earth's amber foaming soap dispenser! Made from high quality stainless steel, amber glass, with a silicone base. The pump has minimal plastic components and is built to last. Amber glass protects essential oils from UV rays.


  • Recommended: Fill with Zero Waste Hale's liquid castile soap for a foamy hand, body, and dish soap.


Foaming Soap Dispenser - Glass + Stainless Steel - M.E. Mother Earth

    • 8oz Amber Glass Bottle
    • Stainless Steel Pump
    • Silicone Base
    • Packaging: Kraft cardboard box with UPC.
    • Holds 8 oz. of soap
    • Measures 6.5" tall 2.6" base diameter
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