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These reusable and portable untensils are ideal for anywhere you go and anytime you eat. Whether it’s traveling, camping, hiking, or simply at your office - BYOCutlery! 

Each piece is unique because they are hand-carved to reveal the beauty seen in the color and grain of the wood. This is an investment you can be proud of and your new alternative to single-use plastics!

Reusable Hand-Carved Teak Wood Cutlery - Duebest

  • Teak wood is durable, lightweight, and sustainably sourced. Designed to fit in a convenient case to carry with you anywhere.
    - Cutlery: Teak Wood
    - Case: Linen/Cotton Blend

    - Spoon, Fork, Knife: 6.5"
    - Chopsticks: 7.8”
    - Glass Straw: 7.8"
    - Case: 8.5” x 2”

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